Imad Gebrayel

I am a Lebanese designer and illustrator specializing in research-led design with a focus on sociology, politics and investigative field work.

My process is centered on fusing journalistic reporting with visual design skills to communicate key insights with a toolkit that draws from Arabic writing, bilingual design, data visualization, illustration and a variety of research techniques.

I am the Creative Director at Mojo Ink, Beirut and Abu Dhabi while pursuing a Masters in Graphic Design at AKV|St.Joost, The Netherlands. I collaborated with various Design studios and held a teaching assistant position at the American University of Science and Technology (AUST) - Beirut, Lebanon. 

My early commercial endeavors in creating and developing works for brands across Lebanon and the UAE, was formative in driving me towards an academic and research-based creative practice.

I am currently based in the Netherlands and working on a masters thesis entitled 'Identity representation: self-Orientalism and hyper-nationalism in Arab* design' producing a theoretical and visual outcome to be published by Fall 2017.

Contact | +31 6 82528039

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