Nour, Mohamad, Rayane - Beirut 2013


nour, mohamed, rayane from Imad Gebrayel on Vimeo.



Animated illustrations merging the stories of 3 people within a set context.



The project was the visual outcome of a research paper entitled 'Capitalism and Graphic Design' representing insights and connections between the dominant economic system and design education in Lebanon.



In search of a relevant and challenging topic, my BA graduation project explored the dynamics between current market trends at the time in a comparative with design education in the Lebanon. 


Process & Results 

'Nour, Mohamad, Rayane' is heavily based on storytelling, merging the true stories of 3 individuals at different age groups into a single narrative. 


Injustice in design education was the theme that unified these 3 stories and served to represent a generation of young designers struggling to fulfill their ambitions in the Lebanese design field where financial resources set major obstacles blocking aspiring talents.


In a series of interviews with 3 young designers at different stages in their careers, the result was an animated collective story visualized as one coherent storyline representing a linear example of class-related struggles in the design field with layers of social, religious, sexist and economic discrimination. 



Beirut, Lebanon: Beirut Animated - 4th Edition - 2015

Florence, Italy: Middle East Now Festival - 2016