Mojo Ink for EAD - Abu Dhabi 2014/15/16



Develop an exhibition narrative & experience to engage audiences on a variety of environmental topics



A 3-year contract to conceptualize, design and map a full exhibition stand experience for EAD’s 2 main annual events’ participation: The Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX) and The International Water Summit (IWS).



The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) wanted to transform the dynamics of engagement as it relates to communicating who they are and what they do to drive stakeholders to further collaborate with them and simultaneously encourage the general public to adopt more sustainable habits.


Process & Results 

October 2013 was the starting point of this adrenaline-driven roller coaster ride called ‘Mojo Ink’. Headquartered in Beirut Lebanon and branching out to the UAE, the company was setting an assertive presence in Abu Dhabi’s communication market and needed to establish its own creative department. 


That’s when I joined forces with Mojo Ink and founded the creative department which now handles major branding, advertising and experiential/spatial design projects for leading private and public sector clients in the UAE. 


Mojo Ink’s aesthetic reflects a personal and strategic mandate in visual communication: cultural relevance, bilingualism and tailor-made visual approaches that strongly compliment my vision as a creative director and aspirations as a team member of that on-going versatile experience. 


Both experiential sets designed for EAD are successful examples of interactivity, information design and cultural narratives on travel, environment, conservation, biodiversity and policy-making. More importantly, each event edition marks a visual and experiential evolution on the one preceding it to deliver on objectives.


From the first to current ADIHEX, we shifted from 1,500 stand visitors to 17,542 audited visitors.


From the first to current IWS, we reached a record 44 government entities and several global private companies requesting access to all information design and content gathered for the exhibit.


The team of designers, marketing and copywriting experts work in synergy to deliver a creative vision giving the studio a distinctive voice and a noticeable, personalized appeal.



Project Manager: Sandra Khoury-Flouti

Creative Director: Imad Gebrayel 

Graphic Designers: Sayed Kammoun, Lori Der Sarkissian, Carole Kaakour, Jo Sahyouni