MENA Insight - London 2016



Graphic work to facilitate cross-cultural communication



Combining visual queues from different cultures and creating a uniform visual representation of a contextual bridge.



MENA Insight was set up by Kate Marris, a London based consultant with a specialized knowledge of Middle Eastern audiences. The agency provides research and culturally sensitive communications services. It offers insight and refined cultural messaging for businesses and brands targeting customers in MENA and Europe and helps Arab-world organizations find their voice and make it heard amid the noise and negativity in the media. Since 2011, she has worked across the region developing national and cultural projects for Gulf governments.


Process & Results

I started with Arabic calligraphy as a source of inspiration for the brand and a challenging process in creating a Diwani-inspired Latin lettering. 

My design process combined slanted Diwani with brand applications involving a subjective take on an arabesque pattern combining musharabiyeh geometry with vintage English Liberty prints patterns and floral ornaments. 


The brand is a challenge in cultural relevance both visually and experientially and it continues to unfold into more design applications borrowing from old visual references while staying effectively 'current'.